Prof. Ambrose O.O. Ekpu Dean, Faculty of Law Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

SUN-AIDE SKILLS is a registered firm specialised in consulting and training on alternative dispute resolution and negotiations . ADR has become attractive for the resolution of disputes today given the numerous challenges with litigation, particularly the delay associated with it. The partners behind the firm are lawyers who have been known to me for over seven years, having taught them in the university for five years. They are hardworking and highly innovative.

Prof. Kevin Nwosu lnitiator Dispute Resolution Associates Ltd & Head
Of Department Corperate Law Practice Nigerian Law School Bwari Abuja

When I went through the objects of SUN-AIDE skills, I had no doubt in my mind that they can deliver as the Principal Partners ( Sunday lyemeake & Omiunu Ebaide Queen) are one of the finest youths intellectually in the Country. I duff my hat for their individual analytical brilliance let alone now as Partners.

Dr. Vincent E. Mammud, LLB, BL, PGD, MBA, Ph.D, MNIM, MABEN, MIRDI, MANA. Snr. Lecturer/ Researcher Federal Polytechnic Auchi

I have known and closely monitored the duo of Sunday Iyemeake, Esq. and Ebaide Q. Omiunu, Esq., the Principal partners of Sun-Aide Skills, first in the university, and later, in the Law School. During these periods, they demonstrated an uncommon intellectual perspicacity, a good grasp of the rudiments of their profession, and a resounding mental alertness and fortitude that stand them out among their peers. Drawing from the foregoing, I can safely recommend them and their firm to whoever would require their services with the assurance that their clients would get nothing but the best services based on certified international standards and practices.

Dr. A. O. Elakhe H.O.D Maths & Statistic Faculty of Natural Science Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma.

With the dwindling economic crisis, political crisis, religious crisis, heads men and cattle owners continued butcher of one another, ethnic and communal clashes, land dispute to mention but a few, l am of the opinion that, to strike a balance between this crisis and live a peaceful and accomplished life full of achievements, the idea of Sun-Aide Skills better suit our present day Nigeria as they have the perfect solutions to our problems. I wish captains of industries, scholars, corporate body, private individuals, churches, schools, government agencies and people facing one crisis or the other and are at ''T junction'' on what to do next, seek the expertise idea of Sun-Aide Skills piloted by Sunday and Queen whose credentials amd integrity I can echo without fear.

Ndukwe Chukwu Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator Africa Zone 20A

I am impressed with the vision of your firm and the passion with which you have pursued your objectives.It gives me great hope for the future and strengthens my belief in the youth. As a volunteer who engages with leaders and takes action in our community, I am sure that your project will fill the knowledge and skill gaps that we so identify when we work with community leaders. I am therefore honoured to refer this firm and her partners; Sunday Iyemeakeand Ebaide Queen Omiunu to people who want ideas, creativity, skills, solutions and passion!

Comrd. John Akhigbe Executive Director on Protocols to the Edo State Governor.

Could this be coming from a Nigerian youth? Wow! Were the product of my thoughts as l swing left & right repeatedly on my chair feeling the heat of his words in my first encounter with him (Sunday Iyemeake) who did justice to the topic ''A virgin Nigeria & the impotence of her groom'' as a guest speaker In the conference organised by National Association of Edo-North Students Forum (ENSF) in Dec 3 2014. When I heard of Sun-Aide Skills & the involvement of Sunday as a Principal Partner, the awaited hope has finally come was my remark. Let those who love knowledge, Out-smarting their competitors in the business world, uncommon intelligence & refined productivity embrace the services of Sun-Aide Skills as we are already partnering with them.

Hajia Rukayetu Okwilagwe. MD. Susasses Resources Nig Ltd.

I have in the Past criticized our youths as being lazy, fruitless & impatient. When l had a dealing with Sun-Aide Skills, a firm run by highly enlightened & intelligent youths not only did my notion changed but I ask the question if these breeds are product of our Universities.

Jubril Shoaga General Manager Drumstix, Abuja Nigeria

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Barbara Oleghe with whom I have been acquainted with for two years as one of her business partners. A Business Administration major, Barbara has dedicated much of her time outside her personal work when it comes to doing business with her. Barbara's efforts have been fruitful: she has contributed so much and has delivered several successful poster presentations. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching this Young woman blossom into a focused, self- assured scholar who aspires to have a career combining work and business. I have benefited from Barbara’s presence during the time we did business. She has excellent hands. Furthermore, Barbara’s talents and motivations are not limited strictly to business. However, She is a young person who cares deeply about the social implications of life and who has demonstrated this conviction through several substantial internships. Working closely with a local TV correspondent Without hesitation, I recommend Ms. Barbara Oleghe for anything you want as she has a fast and quick mind. Sincerely Yours

Engr. Codera Antse Bionic Engineering Nigeria.

There are a few people on this planet that understands the concept of of absolute functionality. As an individual who requires nothing less than an effective work system, I have found Miss Barbara Oleghe Azegbefunme to be one of the few persons that come to mind when targets are required to be met. Her performance is that of undivided focus as she also exhibits the ability to assimilate and conform to innovation. I pride myself knowing such an individual and have no reservations about her ability to be an effective and productive partner.